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The TRUTH About How to Make More Money on Medium... Even if You Have No Writing Experience!
So you DON'T have to publish hundreds of articles that nobody will ever see or read
If you've failed at making a full-time income by publishing your work on in the past, it's not your fault. The truth is that most people who give advice about succeeding on Medium don't succeed themselves.
If you've ever thought that misconceptions about how to succeed on Medium want you to fail, you're probably right.
Did You Know That Only Less than 7% of All Active Medium Writers 
Make More Than $100 Per Month?!
That's the official data provided by Medium. Admittedly, the fact that only 7% of all writers make more than $100 is pretty frustrating. Even though you could potentially earn a 5-figure income on Medium, most people fail. That's because they don't know how Medium really works. They don't understand the rules of the platform and have no idea how to write content that people want to read.
Here's the problem you face:
Most people think that succeeding on Medium is tied to being a professional writer, already having an audience online, or even worse - to luck.
That's why they never understand how the platform really works. Which means they miss the opportunity of reaching an audience of millions of readers who are just waiting to read great articles. 

Additionally, this means that you'll never make money through your writing because nobody will ever see your work.
I failed...A LOT
I’m Sinem Günel and I started at the same point where you are right now:
A low amount of views and lame payment summaries.

In my first month on Medium back in 2018, I published 9 stories and made $17,65.

After publishing 172 articles, I made exactly $1,144.97 on Medium in total. Admittedly, $6 per article was not the return I hoped for. It was a nice bonus, but it didn't help me live the life I wanted to live. The painful truth is that I was frustrated and close to quitting more than just once.
But I decided to give Medium one last chance in 2020, ignored all the nonsense advice and created my own formula. During that process, I finally figured out what REALLY matters on Medium and created a process that helped me write viral articles over and over again and reach millions of readers.
Fast Forward: Less than 10 months later, I've become one of the most-followed, best-earning, and most-read authors of the platform, so my formula obviously works.

I'm a Top Writer in +10 categories, generated millions of views on my work on Medium in less than a year, gained more than +15,000 followers in 10 months, and turned my passion into a profitable 6-figure online business by the age of 23.
It's an understatement to say that Medium changed my whole life. It didn't only help me build the business I always dreamed of, but also enabled me to connect with incredible people to whom I've always been looking up. Additionally, I receive new opportunities because of my work on Medium every single week and my work has already been published in major publications like Thrive Global and Business Insider.
How Would Your Life Look like If You Could Finally Make a Full-Time Income Through Your Writing and Turn Your Passion into a Profitable Online Business?
  • How would you feel if you'd finally make more money through your writing without stressing out about your stats, publications, and curation?
  • ​Imagine being one of the writers whose work is really appreciated.
  • ​Imagine putting in the same amount of work and finally reaping the rewards.
  • ​Imagine following a proven formula that will help you write stories that are read by thousands of people every single day.
  • ​Imagine making four, or even five figures through Medium per month.
  • ​Imagine how all of this would impact your life...and the life of your family.
All of this is possible and you deserve it...
Would You like to Recreate My Success Story Without the Frustration?
Let me introduce you To The...
Medium Writing Academy

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building an Audience and Making a Living by Publishing Your Writing on

The Medium Writing Academy is a proven path to growing your audience and income on Medium. Inside the MWA, I teach you every single strategy I use to be one of the most-read and best-earning writers of the platform. You'll get instant access to +14 hours of video content which you can watch at your own pace, and get mentored by me personally.
By joining the Medium Writing Academy, you will be able to...
  • Make an income through your writing: Medium makes it easier than ever before to get paid for your writing. You don't need to worry about stuff like SEO, social media marketing, or emails but can solely focus on writing great articles.
  • Impress readers and editors: You will learn all the strategies that matter when creating a great article on Medium. Editors won’t ignore your pieces anymore and readers will love your work.
  • Save your precious time: When I started on Medium, I chose the path of trial and error. I wasted 1.5 years to understand what really works. Imagine where I'd be today if I had known all these strategies earlier myself! The Academy will be your shortcut to recreating my success.
  • Build an audience that's truly interested in your message: Stop writing articles that don't get claps or comments and learn how to write pieces that will reach hundreds of thousands of people.
  • ​Be more relaxed when writing and publishing online: Once you studied my formula in-depth, you can use it over and over again.
  • Work from home and have more time for yourself, your family, and your hobbies: You don't need to sacrifice your friends or family to build a writing career. You can have both if you stop applying nonsense strategies.
The truth is that succeeding on Medium has never been easier.
Yeap, you read correctly! Medium is currently experiencing a massive peak. The platform never had more readers who are looking for great content to read!
The Numbers Don't Lie!
You'll learn every single strategy I've been using to create these results:
Now, you might ask yourself:
Why should I believe you all of this? 
Well, don't just take my word, have a look at this:
Eva started her Medium writing journey at the end of March 2020. In our first coaching call, I asked her about her goals on Medium. She told me that she'd love to make $2,000 by September 2020 and asked whether I thought this was possible.

I promised her that it was possible if she'd follow all the rules she learned inside the Medium Writing Academy. And even though she didn't fully believe me, she made more than $4,000 in August 2020 and decided to become a full-time writer.
Here's what she says about the MWA:
I joined the MWA with zero Medium knowledge. Six weeks later, I earned my first $100 and decided to go all-in for writing. If you consider turning your writing passion into your job, the MWA is your must stop to start off.

Inside the MWA, Sinem shares all of her Medium knowledge. Moreover, the MWA created a strong community supporting each other for becoming better Medium writers. I can whole-heartedly recommend the MWA to anyone trying to kick-off their writing career.

Sinem practices what she preaches. Inside the MWA you learn the mindset and tools you need to excel on Medium. I'm deeply grateful for this opportunity.

I loved Sinem's hands-on advice and that she shares her knowledge openly. I also loved the follow-ups and additional tips. I felt cared for :-)
Another writer who turned her dream of making a full-time income through her writing is Katherine. She joined the MWA at the end of April and quit her full-time job in June:
Here's what she says about the MWA:
MWA helped me gain the skills necessary to help set me up with the tools to skyrocket my progress and knowledge. Sinem was really lovely and gave lots of great tips and honest feedback to help me improve. So glad I chose this course and got coaching. Definitely worth the investment!
Every minute you wait, other writers are creating content and amazing thousands of readers through their work.
In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...
The Medium Writing Academy is your step-by-step guide to growing your audience, influence, and income on Medium:
  • You'll discover exactly how to write articles that make hundreds or even thousands of dollars every single month.
  • ​You'll understand exactly which formula you need to apply to write content that goes through the roof and generates tens of thousands of views.
  • ​You'll skip the mistakes and obstacles that stop most writers and jump straight to the end of the process.
  • ​You'll know exactly how to use Medium to build an audience, make a full-time income, and create an online business - even if you've never made money online.
  • ​You'll make more money through your writing without wasting hundreds of hours on writing stuff that nobody wants to read.
Here's What You'll Get...
Medium Writing Academy Online Course

+14 hours of video content that acts as your step-by-step guide to building an audience and making a living by publishing your writing on

Module 1 – Understanding All the Magic That Happens on Medium
In this module, we make sure that you understand the foundational rules of Medium! Most people think that they "know how it works" but let me tell you one thing: If you're not satisfied with your current earnings, it means that you don't understand the rules yet. This module will clear up all the myths and set the foundation for the next chapters.
Module 2 – How to Adopt a Writer’s Mindset and Build a Consistent Writing Practice
This module will teach you how to better manage your time and answer the fundamental questions such as:
- What shall I write about?
- How do I generate story ideas?
- How do I build a consistent writing practice?
Module 3 – A Deep Dive Into All the Secrets You Need to Know About Best-Performing Articles
Now it's getting juicy! This module will teach you how to write, format, and publish stories that get lots of attention! We'll talk about tags, curation, the ideal length of a story, and most importantly: about headlines!
Module 4 – Debunking All Myths About Publications
The easiest way to grow on Medium quickly is by working with publications. This module will teach you everything you need to know about them and help you choose the perfect publications for your work.
Module 5 – The Only Medium Growth Hacks You’ll Ever Need
There are so many redundant and ineffective tips about how to grow your audience and income on Medium. This module is a summary of everything you really need to know and will teach you how to make sure your stats skyrocket.
Module 6 – Ultimate Medium Mastery
Medium Mastery will teach you all the add-ons you can use to further improve your writing, craft exciting introductions, and use your Medium presence in various ways.
Module 7 – Top Story Insights
In this module, you'll receive a massive sheet that helps you to analyze some of the most successful posts that've ever been published on Medium. These insights will help you to create the next viral articles and accelerate your Medium growth.
Bonus Videos
At the end of the course, you'll find +7 hours of bonus material that includes Q&A sessions, interviews with amazing writers, and much more. This additional content will you give you insights about how to further develop your writing career.
You can get all of this for only $497...

But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...
Bonus #1: 3x Secret Medium Live Training Recordings
Access to Secret Live Sessions
I recorded three exclusive live trainings for all MWA students at the beginning of 2021. In these sessions, I gave specific feedback to numerous articles. Additionally, these sessions will teach you how to write better headlines and introductions in order to amaze more readers. Once you join the MWA, you’ll also get full access to the recordings of these exclusive sessions.
Real Value: $450
Bonus #2: Medium Mastery Worksheets
Access to Medium Worksheets
In addition to the MWA Online Course, you'll also get full access to all my cheatsheets. These will help you to:
- Pick the perfect publication
- Write stunning headlines with ease
- Format your stories like a Pro
- Find the best tags for your stories
- And much more!
Real Value: $200
With These Tools
You Will Be Able To...
  • ​Write articles that attract more readers with ease so you don't waste your time anymore
  • ​Quickly grow your audience and income on Medium so you finally reap the rewards you deserve
  • ​Stop writing posts nobody sees or reads and start writing for an audience of millions
  • Stop worrying about sharing your work on social media so that you have more time for writing
Additionally, You Will Be Able
To Get Rid Of...
  • ​Constantly getting rejected by publications
  • ​The insecurity of not knowing whether anyone will ever come across
    your work
  • ​Reading hundreds of "How to succeed on Medium" posts that don't provide any value
  • ​The frustrating feeling of checking your low stats and income reports
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Join The Medium Writing Academy
  •  Medium Writing Academy Online Course ($497 Value)
  •  3x Secret Medium Live Training Recordings ($450 Value)
  •  Medium Mastery Worksheets ($200 Value)
Total Value: $1,147
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only $497
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